First Provisional Driving Licence Apply, Drivers License Renewal

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Provisional driving licence can be applied at the age of 15 years and nine months. However, this is set up with a goal to drive a moped first and not directly jump in a car. It is officially allowed to drive a car at the age of 17 under the supervision of someone aged 21 or over with three years of driving experience.

Legal Requirements

The correct form of dvla driving licence:

The first step is to determine the kind of licence required according to the vehicle.


Be sure to meet the minimum age requirement (i.e. 17 years).


According to the law, drivers must be able to read a standard number plate made after September 1st, 2001, in daylight, from 20 metres of distance, with lenses or glasses if required.

L Plates:

A learner driver must display L plates.


The vehicle must be registered with DVLA and should be tax updated.

Contact DVLA:

DVLA should be informed if any changes in the driver’s or vehicle’s name occur.


The driver must always travel with the license and insurance certificate.

Buses or large vehicles:

Medical and eyesight requirements are higher for larger vehicles.

Provisional driving licence:

The legal driving age is 17 years.

Driving Lessons and Practice

The Highway Code:
It is important for all road users to be aware of The Highway Code; this applies to drivers, riders and pedestrians.

If any rules are disobeyed, it is considered a criminal offense which may result in a fine, disqualification or penalty points or may be sent to jail.

Taking driving licence lessons:
The learner can begin to practice with an experienced driver.

Trainee license-holders and approved driving instructor can teach driving. A trainee driver displays a pink badge on the windscreen while an ADI displays a green badge.

Driving Licence Check Vehicle safety questions:

Tell me question:

A ‘tell me’question is asked at the start of the driving test, where the driver has to explain how to perform a safety task. For instance, how to check the headlights and taillights are working without leaving the vehicle.

Show me the question:

A ‘Show me’question is asked anytime during the driving where the driver has to carry out a safety task. Like asking to show how to wash and clean the front windscreen.

Theory test preparation:

Multiple choice tests:
The test is prepared on the basis of three books;Traffic Signs, the Highway Code, and Driving.

Hazard perception test:
Applicants have to identify hazards in video clips. The faster hazards are identified the higher applicant scores.

Apps for tests preparations:
DVSA theory and hazard perception test can be prepared through a theory test kit App.

Booking the Theory Test

Theory test:
the test can be booked online or at a registered DVSA test centre.

Provisional licence number, address and a debit/credit card are needed at the time of booking. The standard theory tests cost £23.

What to take:

It is very important to take the photo provisional license or the test would be cancelled with no refund.

Personal items such as a bag or phone aren’t allowed in the test room. However, they can be kept in lockers available at test centres.

Change in theory test appointment:

The applicant can shift the date to later, or find an early date and also change the test centre.

UK licence number is required to change the test.

The applicant should make changes three working days prior to the actual date or pay again.

Theory test appointment detail:

In case the applicant accidentally deletes email or loses the confirmation, the test centre address or date and time can be checked from the online service.

Cancelling the theory test:

Applicant must cancel the theory test at least three working days prior to the test date.

Driving Test


The test can be booked online with the provisional licence number and email address and costs £62.

What to take:

The non-refundable test can be cancelled if the applicant doesn’t have; a UK driving licence, theory test pass certificate and a car (optional).

If no photocard licence:

The applicant must bring the paper licence or valid passport.

Theory test certificate:

If the theory test certificate is lost, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA must be contacted with applicants name and driving licence number. A letter will be sent for the applicant to bring for the test.

Change in appointment:

  • Appointment can be changed up to six times.
  • Applicant must change the date at least before three working days.
  • UK licence number and test reference number is required.

Appointment detail:

In case the applicant accidentally deletes an email or loses the confirmation, the test details and time can be checked. The service is available between 6 am-11:40 pm.

Cancel the test:

The applicant gets a full refund if test is cancelled at least before three working days.

Start driving:

The applicant can start to drive after passing the test even if the full licence is yet to be issued.