Change Photo On Driving Licence

In order to update a photo on the driving licence the applicant has to renew the full or provisional driving licence.

Photocard Driving Licence Renewal:

It is mandatory to renew photocard driving licence every 10 years. DVLA sends out reminders before the current licence expires.

Steps to renew:

There are two steps to renew the licence:

  • By applying online.
  • By applying via post and post office.
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Applying Online

Online application is very simple to follow and costs £14 and takes one week to deliver the licence. The applicant needs:

  • Valid UK passport.
  • UK resident.
  • £14 is payable by Visa, MasterCard, Delta debit or credit card and Electron card. (Applicants over 70 years or those who having a medical short period licence do not have to pay the fee).
  • Addresses where the applicant has lived for the last three years.
  • Renewal form.
  • Driving licence (in case of no licence an explanation is required along with the application).
  • National Insurance number.
  • Should not be disqualified from driving.

Photo and signature will be taken from the passport by DVLA for the new driving licence. In case it isn’t possible the online application would not be able to change the photo.

DVLA will send a confirmation email once the applicant has applied.

By Post:

Following steps are to be taken for renewal of licence through post:

  • Completed D1 application form available at selected post offices and DVLA Form ordering service.
  • New passport style photo (must be taken within the last 30 days, no need to get it signed at the back).
  • Postal order or cheque for £17 payable to DVLA. (Free for applicants over 70 years or have a medical short period licence).
  • The paper counterpart and photo card of applicant’s current licence (In case they both are lost, a relevant box on the D1 form must be ticked).
  • If needed application and fee may be sent to DVLA to the address mentioned below.

The completed application must be sent to the following address:

SA99 1DH

It takes three weeks to process and deliver the licence. However, it might take more time if the medical or personal details of the applicant need to be checked.

If a valid application is sent and there’s disqualification record of any sort from driving, the applicant can continue to drive until the updated licence is received.

Note: Identity documents must be included if there’s a change in the applicant’s name.

Post office:

The applicant can visit a nearby Post office and find out if the local branch works for the driving licence application.

The applicant must bring the renewal reminder sent by DVLA, driving licence and other documents required for the process.

The post office will send the details confidentially to the DVLA.

Applicant should receive a renewed photocard from the DVLA within 3 weeks. In case of checking the personal or medical details may take a longer time.


The DVLA charge £17 and the Post office charges £4.50 to take a picture, check application and submit to the DVLA.