Driver’s Licence Renewal

Every driver has to renew the licence at the age of 70 or 90 days prior to turning 70. And keep renewing every three years after. DVLA also sends out a renewal reminder to the drivers.

License renewal process only requires an application to be completed and sent to the DVLA. Applicants can renew by:

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Applying online:

The online application will only be considered if the following documents are provided:

  • Valid British passport.
  • UK resident.
  • Debit or credit available to make the
  • Address where applicant has lived for the last 3 years.
  • Current driving licence.
  • National Insurance number.
  • Meet the minimum eyesight requirements.
  • Is not disqualified from driving.

The new licence arrives within a week. Upon receiving the new licence, the applicant must send the old version with the paper counterpart to the DVLA.

Minibus D1and medium-sized vehicles C1 renewal cannot be applied online. It can be applied using the premium checking service or by post.


The applicant is required to use the Government Gateway ID to make an online application for driving licence renewal. If there isn’t an existing ID, it is needed to re-register to receive the ID to process the application.

Applying by post:

DVLA sends a D46P renewal application 90 days before the 70th birthday. The applicant’s need:

  • Complete D46P form and send it to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AA.
  • Give back the licence and counterpart.
  • Message on the D46P application form will let the applicant know if the photo has to be renewed. If so, a new passport-sized photograph will be required. An original identity document should be added if any changes in the name have occurred since the last licence is issued.

There’s no fee required for the application. The standard time for the application process is 3 weeks.

If the reminder forms are not received, applicants are advised to use the D1 application for driving licence form which is available from DVLA form ordering service and at the local Post Office. The expiry date of photo should also be checked in the section 4b because changing the photo won’t be done by using the online service.

Renew C1 and D1 entitlement:

The applicant must provide a D4medical examination report given by a doctor in support of the application.

When DVLA has the licence:

While the license is being renewed applicant is allowed to drive if the following conditions are met:

  • Currently disqualified.
  • Had a valid license.
  • No medical obligations that may affect driving.
  • Drive under previous licence conditions.
  • Weren’t considered a high-risk offender on or after June 2013.
  • Medical support to continue driving.
  • Application is less than a year old.

New driving licence:

When the applicant receives the new driving license, a leaflet or any letter with it must be read carefully for instructions.

Note: if the licence is not renewed and the applicant continues to drive. It would be a serious crime which would result in a heavy fine, having the car taken by the police or severe form of penalties.