Name or Gender Change on Driving Licence

The DVLA must be informed if there’s a change in gender or name to keep the record updated. The changing process includes sending the driving licence to the DVLA. The new licence will be issued with no cost (if the photo is not expected to renew).

The best part about changing the name is the process being easy, quick and free. The applicant only needs to follow a useful checklist.

Procedure to change the title (Example, from Mr/Ms/Miss) stays the same. There’s no proof required only if the title is hereditary. Even though it isn’t necessary to add a clause in the Deed Poll about the change in title, it might make the process easier to get the changes done.

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V5C Vehicle Registration certificate:

The V5C log book must also be updated once the name is changed on the driving licence.


The DVLA must be informed immediately as soon as the name or gender is changed. A Deed Poll is basically an official proof, its usage and repute make the actual change. All organizations require seeing the original Deed Poll before updating the information into their systems.

Documents required:

  • A completed D1 application form has to be submitted if the applicant has a motorbike or car. Forms are available at any post office branch and online.
  • A D2 application for a bus or lorry license.
  • A photo card licence or paper counterpart.
  • An original document to prove the applicant’s change in name or gender. Documents include; a decree absolute, Deed poll, statutory declaration or a marriage certificate. (Original documents only; photocopies would not be considered).

Paper Driving Licence:

Applicant must send a passport size photograph for a paper driving licence.

Changing the photo:

The applicant needs to send the following if there’s a change in the photograph as well.

  • Recent passport style photograph.
  • Postal order or cheque for £17 payable to DVLA. (For people aged 70 or older or with a short medical period licence do not have to pay license fee).

Old driving licence:

In case the old licence gets destroyed, lost or stolen, the applicant can still apply to get name or gender changed on the driving licence.

However, an explanation is required as of what happened to the old licence. This particular information should be filled in the form and send with a £20 cheque or postal order payable to the DVLA.

Application address:

  • Application for a car or motorbike needs to be sent to the following address:

SA99 1BN

  • Application for a bus or lorry needs to be sent to the following address:

SA99 1BR

Driving without a new license:

The applicants can drive while they wait for the new license. However, following requirements must be met:

  • Never been disqualified from driving.
  • British driving license issued since January 1st, 1976.
  • No license refusal for any medical problem or fail to meet the medical requirements regarding the license.

Expected time to process:

It takes up to three weeks to process the application and deliver the new license.